Just a few of the impressive reviews that we have received from our verified Amazon purchasers:

What Many Satisfied Customers are Saying:

"These bands are wider and sturdier than the ones I was given at physical therapy." "I am very pleased with this purchase." -Bobby J

"I am a healthcare professional…I only like to use and recommend quality products like this set by FitWellYou." -Sean

"These bands are a great set to get me started and it came with some exercises to target certain areas of the body."


"Coming from someone who uses exercise bands and has bought many other sets, take my advice and look no further, this is a phenomenal high quality set!" -Franklin

"This product is excellent quality and at a great price!" "It's amazing how versatile and effective exercise bands really are." -Derek

"I received my bands last week and am very pleased. I have two young children so I don't always have time to go to my boot camp classes; the bands are great to apply the exercise I do in group classes at home." -Catherine

"I bought this set from FitWellYou and it is great! I really like the door anchor, length and quality of bands in this set. They are even better than the exercise bands that I was using at the physio clinic." -Allen M

(Presented above are only some of the positive comments sharing their total satisfaction with their recent purchase of the Resistance Band Set by FitWellYou. This exercise set is now available for purchase on the popular Amazon.com Ecommerce Site.)

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